Peter Parente Talks Issues With Neighbors in the East End

Peter Parente listens to resident concerns

Frank, a resident of New Rochelle for 40 years, talks about taxes with Peter

Kicking off his campaign with a door to door meet and greet, candidate Peter Parente was visiting residents in the East End section of New Rochelle this weekend. Along Lyons Place he met up with Frank, a resident of New Rochelle for 40 years. Distraught over his school and property taxes nearly doubling in recent years, Frank asks Peter to help put an end to the rising cost of being a resident in New Rochelle.

One response to “Peter Parente Talks Issues With Neighbors in the East End

  1. Dear Family and Friends of the City of New Rochelle:
    It is my pleasure to endorse my life- long friend, Peter Parente. He is the right person to lead District 3 and will be the voice of so many who have not been heard. Not only is he a great husband, father, brother ,son and war veteran, he is a man of integrity and commitment. He served our country in the time of war and will step in to the city council position with the same level of devotion and willingness to get the job done.

    I was born in District 3, my grandmother raised 5 daughters in the Hartley Projects and my family still lives in the community. I return home often and know of the issues the community is facing and the city at large is in need of healing, visible politicians and accessibility to money to re-build and restore trust in the city’s leadership.

    I asked that you “Vote” for Peter because he is not from the establishment, but a life-long resident that believes in doing the right thing and serving the people of New Rochelle with honor and respect. You will not meet anyone more committed to listening to your concerns and who will work hard to make the changes you feel are necessary to protect your family.

    I hope and pray that you will see that Peter Parente is the right man to lead the District to victory.

    Thank you,


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