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A Heartfelt Thank You From One Neighbor to Another


Dear Neighbor,


First, I would like to take this opportunity to thank God for keeping my family and me safe and healthy throughout this intense campaign. I would also like to thank my campaign team for being so truly dedicated to helping me to get my message out to the District 3 community. They worked tirelessly, day and night giving 200% from day one of this campaign until Election Day.


To the people of District 3, I am extremely grateful to you for opening your doors to me as I walked the community as well as opening your minds and hearts to my message of a better future for New Rochelle. Coming into this race I had no idea I would meet so many wonderful people; people from all races, creeds and religions; the diversity of this district is certainly unique to the rest of the city. Although it was one the challenges I faced, I did my best to face it head on and made strides to prove that you do not have to come from the same background to be a true representative of the people. Although District 3 is an ‘Opportunity District’ the opportunity is for an equal playing field for candidates from any race so that all can be equally represented.


As the total votes are calculated in White Plains, it seems likely that my votes may reach between 900 and 1,000. Despite my loss, which can be attributed to the large turnout for the Governor’s race and other state-wide races along with mass confusion with the new ballot voting system, no other Republican candidate has ever had as high a vote in District 3 as I enjoyed from across the racial and political spectrum in this district. I commend those who had the courage to cross the isle and support me stating that, “I was the first Republican they have ever voted for in their lives.” This shows me that many people understand that we must have a bipartisan effort here in District 3 and in New Rochelle if we expect to get things done for all of people from the many neighborhoods in our community.


I am truly honored that so many of you had faith in me to work equally hard for everyone, regardless of race or political affiliation. I will continue my work in District 3, where I have lived for the past nine years as well as my work for all of New Rochelle. I love this city and I will continue to do my best to assure that New Rochelle becomes as great a place to raise a family as possible for everyone.


Thank you for your faith and support and I wish you all a happy holiday season. God bless you and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!


Always Faithful


Peter Parente


Peter Parente Speaks at the East End Civic Association Meeting

Peter Parente Relates to Resident as Flooding Issue is Raised

On Wednesday, October 27th, the East End Civic Association held a meet the candidates night. Acting District 3 Councilwoman Roxie Stowe was introduced and reinforced her commitment  to the concerns residents may have . Also on hand to speak were candidates Cynthia Lobo, Jim Maisano,  Bill Reed, and Suzi Oppenheimer. The events led up to a question and answer session with District 3 candidates Peter Parente and Jared Rice. Peter Parente was able to show just how much a part of the community he is as he shared his own experiences with spiraling taxes, flooding, and the importance of his own son sharing some of the same opportunities he enjoyed growing up in New Rochelle.

New Rochelle Public Employees Union Endorses Peter Parente for District 3 Election

For Immediate Release

October 21, 2010

Local 663-The New Rochelle Public Employees Union Endorse Parente

On Friday, October 15, 2010, The New Rochelle Public Employees Voted to support Peter Parente in his effort to be elected as Councilman representing District 3 on the New Rochelle City Council.  Angelo Formisano, Secretary-Treasurer Local 663 made the following statement, “We find it conceivable that you truly are the candidate who will stand up for the average working class man and his family. Our Union President, Mr. Lamont Taylor, is pleased to tell you that Local 663, the New Rochelle Public Employee’s stand with you and supports your effort in this upcoming election to bring the people of New Rochelle back together again, as you have demonstrated in the past.”

This endorsement is the third endorsement received by Peter Parente in his effort to be elected to represent the good people of District 3 in this special election to fill a vacant seat on the city council. To date, Mr. Parente has been endorsed by Westchester VPAC, Local 273 International Association of Fire Fighters in New Rochelle and now The New Rochelle Public Employee’s Local 663.

Mr. Parente commented, “I am truly humbled by this third endorsement and by the fact that so many of our hard working men and women recognize my ability and effort to bring the people of our community together to address their many concerns and to develop viable solutions to the important issues our entire district and city face today in the future.”

Firefighters Union Endorses Candidate Peter Parente

Members of Local 273 of the IAFF Show Their Support For District 3 Candidate Peter Parente


Candidate Peter Parente Receives Endorsement from Local 273 IAFF

New Rochelle, New York – October 2, 2010 –

Peter Parente, Candidate for New Rochelle City Council District 3 in the upcoming special election to be held on November 2nd has received the endorsement from Local 273 International Association of Fire Fighters.  President, Byron O. Gray stated, “I and many of my fellow members of Local 273 IAFF are aware of your proven commitment to the issues and quality of life in the City of New Rochelle. We feel with great confidence that you are the best candidate in these troubled times and look forward to working with you in the future.”

Mr. Parente commented, “I was humbled by the confidence these brave fire fighters have placed in me. As a nine-year homeowner, I have been a long-time proponent of public safety services in our community. I am very grateful for their endorsement and support and for their service to our community. If elected I intend to work very hard to live up to the trust they and so many others in the community have expressed towards my candidacy for city council. The trend in City Hall, put forth by those who steer the direction of the City Council, has been to reduce public safety through layoffs and attrition; a policy I strongly oppose. Nothing is more important for the residents of District 3 and the City of New Rochelle than public safety.”

Friends of Peter Parente to Host Special Fundraiser

Friends of Peter Parente are asking supporters to please join them in their efforts to elect Peter Parente to the City Council in District 3. A special fundraiser is scheduled for Peter Parente, Republican-Independence-and Conservative Candidate for New Rochelle City Council District 3. The Fundraiser will be held at the popular Juliano’s Restaurant, 700 Main Street, New Rochelle, N.Y. and will take place on Tuesday, October 12, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.

The suggested donations are Supporter $75.00, Supporter Couple $125.00, Partner Couple $250.00. People who would like to attend are asked to RSVP to John at (914) 355-9131. People who are planning to attend as well as  those who are unable to attend, but would like to support Peter with a donation are asked to mail their check to Friends of Peter Parente, 95 Brookside Place, New Rochelle, N.Y. 10801

To register, for directions and more click HERE