At the Latest Fundraiser, Party Affiliation Didn’t Stand in the Way of Support for Peter Parente’s Run for City Council District 3



James Tudy IV, a registered Democrat, is a highly admired, noble, well-educated and respected Vietnam Veteran. He sees Peter Parente as being the right choice for the City Council, District 3 seat. More and more Democrats have joined Mr Tudy in supporting what’s best for New Rochelle. Mr. Tudy sums it up best when he says ”  Nothing would be sweeter than a vote for Peter”.

Tuesday, October 12th, the Friends of Peter Parente, Candidate for City Council held their second fundraiser of the Campaign. The event took place at the famed Juliano’s Restaurant, located at 700 Main Street in New Rochelle.

Supporters from every race, nationality and political affiliation filled the banquet room to capacity as they gathered to show their support for the candidate they believe would best serve all the residents of District 3 in New Rochelle.

Along with the large and diverse Parente family, were new friends Peter has made along the campaign trail, as well as many old friends who have known Peter for years.

Everyone in attendance enjoyed the great food, friendship and live music provided by Peter’s brother and the A to Z Band. As he spoke to the room packed with supporters, Peter expressed his appreciation for the diversity of people who came to show their support for Peter’s candidacy.

See more photos of the evenings events HERE

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